1. CSI Guy's Avatar
    What do I need to turn down the notifications or the media to silence the emails and text at night so that I can sleep?
    07-04-2011 11:35 AM
  2. PensHockey's Avatar
    Get Silent Sleep in the market. Set the time you want to silence your phone and what time you want the sound to turn back on. Works perfect for me.
    07-04-2011 11:45 AM
  3. w5cyc's Avatar
    Navigate to the settings menu of the e-mail and messaging apps. There, you will find options to disable the audio notifications. Of course, to get them back again, you'd have to navigate back there and turn them back on -- assuming you remember to do that.

    So a better solution is to use an automation program like Tasker, which you can program to change your profiles automatically based on time of day, day of the week, or any number of other variables. You can program it to silence alerts at night, and then unsilence them at say, 8 a.m. or whenever you want.
    07-04-2011 11:48 AM
  4. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    or just turn off data at night and back on in the morning.
    07-04-2011 11:49 AM
  5. vicw926a4's Avatar
    You can easily automate the process with an app such as Sound Manager. I've been using it for months for the same reason. You can set schedules for any of your sounds, such as Notification Volume to shut down at some time in the evening, and back up whenever you want in the morning. Very simple, but very effective.
    07-04-2011 09:10 PM
  6. KJoFan's Avatar
    +1 for Sound Manager. I've been using it for a little while now and it works really well. I can set a morning/night schedule and also use it for during work hours/after work hours.
    07-04-2011 10:50 PM
  7. SerfNuts's Avatar
    I just put it on silent or vibrate...
    07-05-2011 12:23 AM
  8. lsmunoz's Avatar
    I use silent time lite.
    07-05-2011 07:05 AM
  9. matthewdlyons's Avatar
    As others have suggested, turn off the data (3G and WiFi) and syncing. I use SwitchPro, but others widgets are available, including the Moto Blur widgets. Also, you can set the battery manager to shut down data and syncing during the night. Just go to Settings > Battery Manager >Battery Mode > Nighttime Saver.

    I don't mean to be flip, but you can also just turn off your DX when you go to bed. Of course, if this is your only phone line, this may not be an option for you.
    07-05-2011 02:44 PM
  10. wormeyman's Avatar
    07-05-2011 04:39 PM
  11. pool_shark's Avatar
    I use my profiles.
    I have a profile for work, 1 for home, 1 to turn off SMS at night, and 1 to turn off wifi and lock the phone when I'm out.

    For Gmail I use Gmail Notifier. I can set the mail icon, the led color, and what time to silence the email notification.
    07-05-2011 07:27 PM
  12. pank's Avatar
    Get Silent Sleep in the market. Set the time you want to silence your phone and what time you want the sound to turn back on. Works perfect for me.

    On a side note do yourself a favor and check out timeriffic as well. It is a scheduler that automatically turns off data connections at set times. Very useful and not only let's you sleep but also helps save your battery
    07-05-2011 08:44 PM
  13. sdbroker's Avatar
    I use Bedside. I can whitelist my important calls/txts; ie wife, kids, parents, so their calls will come thru no matter what. $1.99 but worth it to me.
    07-28-2011 08:25 PM