1. Ryan0189's Avatar
    Right, so I wasn't sure if anyone had posted this before, so please excuse me if it has been asked/posted before.

    But to the chase, does anyone on Gingerbread suffer random service drops since updating to Gingerbread?

    My problem is, that my VZW service just randomly dies for some unknown reason, but a reboot of the phone fixes the problem, but then the service drop comes again randomly, and this is a rather bad thing because in my field of work, I can be called at any time from the dispatchers at UPS for something coming out to my warehouse (It's the warehouse phone number that is forwarded to my phone) at ANY time of the day, usually when I'm awake, I'll be able to catch the problem before it becomes an actual problem, but when I'm asleep and it dies, what do I do?

    I'm also no Android expert, so any help would be well appreciated.

    07-20-2011 03:45 AM
  2. draftpeppin's Avatar
    Yes, there are a few discussions out there about it, including on Motorola's boards:
    07-23-2011 07:20 PM
  3. vicw926a4's Avatar
    I've been having a problem like this since I installed the last update of the MY VERIZON app. Whenever I run it, I subsequently lose cellular connectivity until I power cycle the DX.

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    07-23-2011 11:31 PM
  4. boomerbsg's Avatar
    Had some problems mostly with internet dropping on GB, but never phone service itself. I just recently found a REAL easy way to get back to Froyo. It was totally worth it.

    07-24-2011 02:18 AM
  5. greydarrah's Avatar
    I have not had this (or any other issues) with Gingerbread, but if what you describe were happening to my phone, I would sbf back to Froyo. You can find instructions for that in the section for Rooting.
    07-24-2011 04:57 PM
  6. Ms Charli's Avatar
    Boy this is happening to me and it's driving me crazy!!
    07-26-2011 12:14 PM