1. gordol's Avatar
    Is there any way to tell my DX (running Gingerbread) to completely forget about a BT device? There is a headset I no longer use, and I'm about to retire a speaker kit and no longer need them listed. I know I can "unpair" them, but they remain in the list of known devices.
    07-25-2011 11:53 AM
  2. lsmunoz's Avatar
    I just unpaired mine from a Blueant S4 that I returned in exchange for a Moto Roadster. I just checked and the S4 is no longer in my list, only my headset and car kit. It may take a day or a reboot to wipe it (both happened since I unpaired the S4 and added the roadster
    07-26-2011 02:54 PM
  3. gordol's Avatar
    Thanks, the unpaired headset is gone now.
    07-26-2011 03:11 PM