1. mhans311's Avatar
    One thing that has always bothered me about android is that I haven't been able to set up my college email. It used to work fine on WM. My college uses outlook web app. I have tried everything to get it working. Is there a trick to get this working?
    08-01-2011 06:26 PM
  2. Iceman0803's Avatar
    Same here but mine uses google apps (gmail interface). The only workaround I've found was to forward any mail from that address to my personal gmail account.
    08-01-2011 07:51 PM
  3. ptf's Avatar
    Check with your schools it services. I had to download a special profile to set up my sisters.
    08-01-2011 09:04 PM
  4. JungleLarry's Avatar
    I just pushed all my college emails to my Gmail account.
    08-02-2011 01:40 AM
  5. deletion's Avatar
    That is weird. I have never had a problem with it. Your IT department should have done instructions on how to do it on their website. Even if you were to look up how to set up Microsoft Outlook in windows you could still find out the info.
    08-02-2011 09:21 AM
  6. mhans311's Avatar
    I finally went to the IT department and asked them. I had to enter odd things for the domain and username. I would have never guessed on my own. Thanks for the help everyone!
    08-02-2011 05:34 PM
  7. ryanp098's Avatar
    Try setting up as a exchange or active sync account...many college doesn't use POP3 format. Domain is normally the part of your address after the "@" symbol OR preceeded by, mail.
    08-02-2011 07:08 PM
  8. wabyrd's Avatar
    My school uses google apps for their mail also. I had to create a special password for mobile use that is different from my regular web access password. Contact your IT department to see what you need to do.
    08-02-2011 07:34 PM
  9. uncle rico 98's Avatar
    Had the same problem so I just used the setting from my Outlook Web App
    Here's the way I did it for my X:

    Go to Outlook Web App for your school and choose options.

    Select account

    At the bottom of the account page there should be a link that says Setting for POP 3... ect...
    Click it.

    It should open a window with all the Protocol Settings needed for your account.

    Go to accounts on your phone and select a new account
    Choose the manual config option.
    In general settings fill in the correct info

    For incoming server select IMAP server
    Server name should match what your Protocol settings from the web app lists (ex. pod51000.outlook.com)
    User name should be your full school email address
    Password is your school email account pass
    Select advanced settings and use the port from the protocol settings (ex Port 993)
    check Use secure connection
    Use secure pass = Always
    check Verify Certificate

    For outgoing server it should be the same as Incoming Server
    Same thing for advanced setting with the outgoing SMTP port setting (ex 587)
    Check secure
    Use secure pass = never
    Authentication = Auto
    Check Verify Cert

    Of course other settings is how many messages you want in you inbox. I chose 100

    Don't know if this works for everyone and I am no IT genius... I just played around with it till I got it right.

    Hope it works!
    08-02-2011 09:02 PM