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    I had this problem before but thought it was no longer happening. My google calendar on my Droid X does not have updates on it that my google calendar on PC does. I believe calendar updates made on phone get to the PC okay.

    In Account/Settings the Google Calendar sync has a date of June 2011 on it when last synced. I check the sync box and hit sync and it does Books, Contacts and changes the date. It runs on the calendar piece but the date never changes and no updates show.

    I was going to delete the account and re-add but it says I loose everything, have to go back to factory resets, etc. It sort of scared me. I am currently bouncing between hospital for my mother and another town to take care of father so having this function on my phone is kind of important.

    I am using my "primary" google calendar but have to say there has been some confusion with it since at one point I "unsubscribed" or "deleted it" or something and set up a new one - but have gone back to using the primary and works fine on the PC. Maybe I can't use it because it won't work right on the phone since it was deleted at one point? Help
    08-10-2011 07:40 AM