1. KJX's Avatar
    Thanks for reading.

    In the last couple days, my DX has been giving me alot of odd issues.

    First, is the battery-life. Suddenly, I am having to charge my phone 3-4 a day. My typically work day, consists of 2-3 phone calls and a dozen or so texts at most. And I am still have to plug my phone in two and three times a work day. Then again at home. I would understand if I had a heavy workload for my phone on a daily basis, but this is mostly stand-by time.

    Secondly, and more annoying, is my onscreen keyboard. This is just infuriating! In the last few days, my keyboard is randomly disappears while typing, and in turn locking me out of my text messages and apps. Facebook, Browsers, Texts, anything that uses the keyboard will keep me out mid-sentence, mid-word and lock me out from typing anymore. Default, Swype, or SwiftKeyX all do it.

    I've had issues off and on with this phone since I got it. Random Resets, screen locking up making me unable to answer calls or end them. And everytime I brought it up, it's always ATK, or this or that.

    I am running un-rooted 2.3.3 Android. Nothing special, pretty much stock.

    I love Android, and I really like this phone, but why am I still dealing with these stupid issues? Is VZW really going to do anything for me on this? I have the tech insurance, for replacement, should I write this thing off?

    Thanks for the help.
    08-15-2011 08:37 AM
  2. BrianTX's Avatar
    It's usually a rogue app when battery life gets that bad, check battery use in settings and see if anything is using a majority of the battery. Also take a look at any recently installed apps. If you have any task killer installed, 9 times out of 10 that's the cause. GB doesn't need any help managing apps.
    08-15-2011 07:53 PM
  3. goin_nil's Avatar
    Install the Watchdog app. It will tell you anytime an app uses too much CPU, causing battery drain.
    08-15-2011 09:00 PM
  4. KJX's Avatar
    I found the cause of my battery drain, but truthfully that wasn't the big problem in my eyes. The interface issues are infuriating. I can't type a text, or dial, or answer a call when it comes in, without having to shut it down (or pull the battery). I've been removing unnecessary apps, to see if any of them are the cause but so far nothing.

    The update today from Moto didn't help either.
    08-16-2011 10:32 AM