1. dragon718's Avatar
    Does anyone think the Droid X will get an update to the new Motorola UI that is on the Droid 3 and is going to be on the Droid Bionic, or is it only going to be on dualcore Motorola devices?

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    08-26-2011 07:08 PM
  2. CavemanOOGA's Avatar
    Probably to make current users want to upgrade and new buyers buy the new phones, they will keep it on dual-core devices only.
    08-27-2011 01:33 PM
  3. WAldenIV's Avatar
    Not only that, but they have no real reason to update the UI on existing devices unless they are going to roll it into a bigger update. Since the DX already got GB and the first GB update, it's highly unlikely. Especially given that GB included a UI refresh already.
    08-27-2011 05:07 PM