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    The past week or so, my phone has started acting up a lot. I'm not getting any notification sounds from when I get texts, or emails as a matter of fact. I've tried using all the popular text programs, goSMS, hancent, chomp, the stock text program. They're all doing it. I have the sounds set to different system sounds, and have had no problems before with everything set this way. The phone has been doing other weird things this past week or so, like just calling my voicemail while in the middle of another phone call, freezing up alot more, to all my programs closing down while listening to music. I thought maybe my memory card had something to do with it, and put in a brand new 16 gig class 10 card. But of course, that's not even working right now. It's extremely sluggish, and still freezing up on me. This is getting frustrating, and already took it to the verizon store. The only solution they had was to warranty it for another phone. So, figure I would try here for more of an actual solution. I've been lurking around a lot lately trying to figure something out, but an at a lose as to what to do.

    I've never rooted the phone or anything, and am on the latest 605 ota release.
    10-24-2011 12:09 PM
  2. Cereal_Killer#AC's Avatar
    Also, wanted to mention i did a factory reset day before yesterday, and it's still doing it.
    10-24-2011 12:30 PM