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    I am sitting a work today playing a game on my DX in my free moments. I have my DX plugged into my PC for charging. I looked away from my phone for a second to check something in my support system at work, and I here a click (or more likely the sound of a speaker popping), I look down and the green indicator light is solid and bright, but the screen is off. Buttons don't respond. Pulled Battery, reseated it and attempted to reboot.


    WTH just happened to my phone?!
    11-18-2011 11:27 AM
  2. KJX's Avatar
    I found out after going to VZW that my battery exploded, no damage to the phone, but it explains why it was suddenly so hot. Sadly 50 bucks later, I am back online with my same DX and a new extended battery. I would have rather bought it online for a better price, but I was pressed and my wife said we had the extra cash.

    Oh well... Nexus and March upgrade can't come soon enough.
    11-18-2011 04:48 PM