1. 04redgto's Avatar
    I don't mean to start anything here, and hope I'm not. Just want a civil discussion! Is it just me, or do EVO owners seem pi$$y about the DX? I don't understand why. They both seem to be great phones! I am pretty shocked at some things I read EVO owners say. I thought it was us Android owners against all other platforms.......anywho....end rant! lol!!!!!! Come on release day!!!!!!!!
    06-23-2010 10:56 PM
  2. Corey's Avatar
    I think everyone likes to have THE best phone, without question, as long as possible. There was such an influx of Android users thanks to the Evo, and part of it was because it was the latest and greatest. Yet here we are, a little over a month later, and it's no longer in the spotlight. Not the first time, nor will it be the last. Just look at the poor Incredible. That thing came out, got a bit of heat for being the latest/greatest, then got virtually lost in the shuffle with the Evo talk, and there were so not so pleasant words between them.
    06-23-2010 11:05 PM
  3. Maximaniac's Avatar
    I'm not an EVO owner or even an android owner(YET!) and I don't see what the big fuss is all about. Looking at the spec sheets, the DX and EVO are nearly the same. In the end though, EVO still has a front-facing camera and is 4G capable. I don't see why they would complain.
    06-24-2010 07:03 AM
  4. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    If anything, us Incredible owners should be annoyed not because of a newer device, but because it seems that the accessory world passed us by....
    06-24-2010 07:06 AM
  5. Aridon's Avatar
    Phone to phone there is no comparison spec wise which is why I might trade mine in. Wether its worth moving my at&t line to verizon (have both at&t and sprint atm) I'm not sure yet but it doesn't seem like it will be a big difference.
    06-24-2010 12:45 PM
  6. Brett's Avatar
    look at the Droid. when that was released it was the king of android and the first device with 2.0. a month and half later the N1 comes out and takes away the limelight. it happens. if the device is of really good quality (hardware and software) then it will continue to prosper. though i have feeling due to history of bother HTC and Motorola, htc will probably go to 2nd place. Motorola has been on top of device build quality lately as if they wanted to ensure they didn't screw it up this time. HTC seems to know people will buy their devices due to sense and that they look smooth and sleek. the problem with HTC though is that they seem to build devices with only the aesthetic appeal in mind and don't care about fixing or ensuring that their phones don't have major issues. not saying every phone they release has a problem but their phones seem to have the most issues when it comes to build quality.
    06-24-2010 04:13 PM
  7. SilverLight98's Avatar
    What Brett said. People like to have the latest phones just after people get the latest and greatest (the EVO) another droid is announced.

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    06-24-2010 10:04 PM
  8. alan7467's Avatar
    I agree with Brett. Htc build quality and quality control leaves much to be desired. As such I don't plan on buying another htc device for a long time.
    06-24-2010 11:06 PM
  9. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Welcome to the internet. One thing we do really well here is fanboy flame wars. Sometimes its Mac vs. PC. Sometimes Xbox360 vs. Playstation3. Here on AC, we do iPhone vs. Android (guess who has more support here? ) People want to tell themselves they have the best to make them feel good, so when someone else says "mine is the best!" they have to defend their buying choices.

    Ive always said buy based on carrier first, then phone. If AT&T doesn't work, the iPhone isnt even an option so don't waste your time. If VZW has no coverage, ignore the Droid. Get what is the right phone and carrier for YOU not somebody else on the internet =]

    And Brett, my Inc has had no problems so I'm not sure what issues you are referring to. And lets all not remember where Moto was before the Droid came out: namely, ****. They are only now getting back into great design with good hardware quality. HTC has been doing that for quite some time.
    06-25-2010 12:22 AM