View Poll Results: Is the droid x worth pre ordering?

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  • To Pre-Order

    23 88.46%
  • Not To Pre-Order

    3 11.54%
  1. Rudolphe's Avatar
    Was just wondering what you guys opinion on pre-ordering this phone was. Think it's going to be one of those can't find it in stores devices, or is it not worth the trip to the store?
    07-03-2010 12:11 AM
  2. 04redgto's Avatar
    Doesn't look like Verizon will do pre-order, and i thought i read BB ended there's.
    07-03-2010 12:28 AM
  3. Rudolphe's Avatar
    I wonder if Amazon started doing upgrades instead of just new service contracts. They usually have pretty good prices.
    07-03-2010 12:31 AM
  4. dookie.'s Avatar
    already have preordered.

    also, BB is reopening their preorders tomorrow or monday.
    07-03-2010 09:04 AM
  5. scramblerider5's Avatar
    I'll pre-order if verizon will do it before the 15th
    07-03-2010 09:42 AM
  6. thedroidblog's Avatar
    Notice they aren't guaranteeing you'll get the phone though. I was the first one to preorder last Friday at my store. I just called and they said I'm not guaranteed either. She said no manager was there for me to talk to so I'll be heading in tomorrow morning to figure out what is going on.

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    07-03-2010 06:12 PM
  7. thedroidblog's Avatar
    Well, I was pissed, until I got home and read the fine print on the preorder form. The reason I was is because the sales guy told me I would be getting it on the 15th when I ordered it so that's just what I assumed. And also the fact that they chick I just spoke to gave me major attitude. I'm just going to wait and see what happens. If they can't confirm that I'll have it on the 15th a couple days before that then I'll just try to get one from a Verizon store. I can always use the $50 gift card for some printer ink.
    07-03-2010 08:09 PM
  8. kajii's Avatar
    I was pre order #6 at my BB, if I don't get it on launch I will be PISSED! >: (
    07-03-2010 08:26 PM
  9. thedroidblog's Avatar
    Straight from the pre-order flyer and I was the first one at my store.

    This pre-sale is a confirmation that the DROID X by Motorola will be reserved in your name. Phones will be allocated to customers in the order that they were received. Due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of pre-sales versus inventory availability, we cannot guarantee the Droid X by Motorola will be available for all previously placed pre-orders on the day of launch.
    I'm just going to try and confirm closer to the 15th that they will be getting some in on the 15th or not. Hopefully the girl I spoke to today didn't really know what she was talking about.
    07-03-2010 08:41 PM
  10. largeselection's Avatar
    I'm just going to get tomy local store early!
    07-03-2010 09:54 PM
  11. DocPeanut's Avatar
    I'm gonna order online, free overnight shipping and activation.I'm coming from the evo, nice phone but sprint has screwed me one too many times
    07-03-2010 10:20 PM
  12. mapexvenus's Avatar
    Pre-orders with BB will re-open tomorrow. I visited a location in Beaverton OR and confirmed that this is true. What we don't know is whether those that are not adding a line or upgrading will can pay full price.
    07-03-2010 11:14 PM
  13. Mudvayne622's Avatar
    I dont know about the rest of you but...when i did the PreOrder at BB they said they will call on the 13th to confirm a time for pick up(setting up appointments for the iphone was so much simpler and more relaxed with the iphone that they are doing it again). Calls will be made in the order that they were placed. If you were the first at that location, you will be the first they call. The guy i dealt with even put a #1 on my preorder sheet. He also told me that they had ordered 75 Droid X'. So i dont think there will be a problem if you did the preorder.
    07-03-2010 11:54 PM