1. dimhcs21's Avatar
    I will be getting my first Android phone on July 15 when the X is released. With that said, what apps are must have??

    Things to know about my usage:
    -Stubby, fat fingers: maybe a better keyboard app?
    -Travel a lot for work
    -Google Business Apps for work email: Use Google Docs and apps a ton for work and personal Gmail
    -Enjoy the casual game or two; not heavy on gaming
    -Have to have some sort of organizational tool!
    -Work with companies overseas: Language translation tool?
    -BIG sports fan, especially soccer and college sports, plus NE Ohio teams (Cavs, Browns, Indians)

    Who can help me out???
    07-03-2010 01:19 PM
  2. Brett's Avatar
    there are a lot of apps to use and check out. and almost all of them can/will work for the droid x just like they did for the evo. most apps are not (enter android device name) specific but rather OS specific. some apps will only work for 1.5 and up, some only 1.5, but most will work on any OS build. if you are looking for the best apps for the device so that you know what to load i would recomend looking in the app section of the forum because there are loads of threads about all different types of great apps and also recomendations.

    im going to close this thread. not because im trying to be a PITA but because you are more likely to get the info you are looking for in the app section especially since this device isn't out yet and there are not enough facts out for people to be able to assist you with that except for predictions.

    though i will do the next best thing for you.

    here you go: AC Android apps sections
    07-03-2010 02:09 PM