12-24-2012 09:51 PM
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  1. tritan's Avatar
    Aren't you guys afraid they will tell you its a bad app. I been told that in the past with bb's.
    04-18-2011 07:37 PM
  2. cae2685's Avatar
    It was much more likely on bb. With no real centralized source for app downloads, they could just pawn it off on that since it certainly could be a poorly written app. With the Market, and its millions of downloads, that argument loses some ground

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    04-20-2011 09:32 AM
  3. Jmeiii's Avatar
    I just brought mine back to the store. They said that it obviously shouldn't be doing that. The replaced it no problem. We'll see what happens. It seems to have happened to everyone I know who has an X. Some more than others.
    04-20-2011 09:45 AM
  4. BBSeattle's Avatar
    Had the same problem; contacted VZ and they sent me a replacement. No rebooting since (same apps, etc.).
    04-20-2011 11:39 AM
  5. trekmario's Avatar
    i am on my 3 rd x it random reboots all the time .never had a problem till gingerbread update.tired of this vzn said they would replace but not give me a diffrent model.i removed all aps and still reboots .
    09-20-2011 11:12 PM
  6. KJX's Avatar
    Been dealing with the reboots for quite sometime myself. I'm "glad' other people are finally seeing these issues, I though I was crazy for awhile.
    09-27-2011 09:53 AM
  7. matthewdlyons's Avatar
    I just off of the phone with VZW tech support. The guy was nice enough. He tried to convince me that the problem may be a memory issue. I told him that I thought it was a hardware issue. I explained everything I had done to problem solve -- including, cache wiping, factory resets, reformatting my MicroSD card, etc. My phone is out of warranty, so no replacement. I guess that I'll have to sit tight with the annoying reboots until I upgrade. (Come on Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus!)
    09-29-2011 11:35 AM
  8. knighthonor's Avatar
    My first Droid X completely crapped the bed and wouldn't boot past the red eye. Got my replacement today and had reboot issues since I turned it on. Seems that when the screen turns off my phone will randomly reboot at least 90% of the time. When I leave the screen on there is no issue. This seems a lot worse than any of the random rebooting issues I had seen before. Has anyone seen something like this? Guessing I'm going to have to head back to Verizon tomorrow for phone number 3.
    I had this issue on my first Droid X. man that phone was so smooth. my new refurbished Dx has never been as smooth as my original. going on my 4th refurbished Dx.

    I suggest to people having the reboot issue, to first try to replace the battery.

    may be a battery issue. Battery fails, and phone continues to try to turn its self back on. like a cycle.
    12-24-2012 09:51 PM
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