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    Hello all,
    I've been scouring the intrawebz for advice here, and google talk's product forums are closed, and their "help" page on it has no way of submitting new inquiries.

    I have a Droid X with Android 2.3.4 on it. I recently installed enabled Google Talk on my computer, thinking it was just another chat program, and not realizing it was synced with my phone. I know, that's stupid, but it's what I did. Anyway, now all my voicemails are getting routed to my email, and I can't even access them on my phone anymore. I really just want to completely disable/uninstall Google Talk, but if I can just change a setting where it does absolutely nothing with my voice mails, I would be fine with that too. Any help?
    12-21-2012 03:13 PM

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