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    So with the X - are the file locations for various files on the SD any different than any other Android phone?

    For example - I simply created a "ringtones" folder on the root of my SD card and plopped my mp3 ringtones I made in there. They seem to work - but sometimes the ringtone plays for just a brief second when I answer a call which makes me wonder if I fubar'd up something doing that.

    Also - where exactly should non-live regular old wallpapers and icons go on the SD card?

    If this post applies to ANY Android phone please move it to the General Help forum but I figured the X might have a slightly different file structure going on so I figured I post here first.

    Regardless of where this may or may not be moved - being an Android newb - I could use some guidance on where to be plopping my various downloads.

    07-23-2010 09:56 PM
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    i think this is true of any android phone, but from the root of your sd card, create a folder called "media" (there might already be one there in fact), in that folder create a folder named "audio", and place your "ringtones" folder in there. you can also create separate folders called "notifications" and "alarms" inside that audio folder to drop tones for those functions

    as far as the wallpapers go, inside that "media" folder, you can make a folder called "pictures" and drop the wallpapers there. from there, they will show up in your gallery, and you can set wallpapers from in there if you please
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    07-23-2010 10:07 PM
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    Thank you!

    what about icons? where should I put those?
    07-23-2010 10:15 PM