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    Hello all,
    I finally moved from a windows mobile device to the droid x. It has been a great change especially the ease of switching from app to app and browsing. I hardly browsed on wimo!!

    One issue I have found is when i try to click tabs or links in web pages that are closely positioned. It seems DX picks an option different from the one that i felt my finger was over. I have resorted to zooming the webpage significantly and even then i seem to often mis-register. I dont have large hands and so i checked a colleagues iphone 3g (and mind you the droid x screen is remarkable clearer than his older iphone...a pleasant surprise) and on the same webpage i could easily click the right option. Is there something i need to do to recalibrate my screen?

    Another browsing issue...In some webpages, when u run your usual mouse over a choice, it opens more subchoices to choose from. How do i get to do that on DX? On the iphone, my colleague said he would click the choice and it would then open the subchoices. On DX, when i click it loads the page instead. At times it gives me the choice but when i go over the subchoices, i cant consistently click them!

    08-02-2010 09:12 PM
  2. scotth45's Avatar
    I noticed the same screen issue and sometimes if i click a link it don't highlight and does nothing. i was about to return it but did a wipe and it has not done it so far.

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    08-02-2010 11:19 PM
  3. asda's Avatar
    Thanks. When u said did a wipe, did you mean you reset it or did u wipe the screen (sorry if this is a basic thing).

    My problem is that it almost feels like the screen calibration is a little off. On my very old palm, there was a calibration tool. None here. Would a stylus be useful (if i can find one) to check the calibration issue?
    08-04-2010 12:36 PM
  4. bigboss's Avatar
    I usually don't have any probs, if i do a little zoom and click works

    I have seen stylus available online for the droid x, not sure of price and how well they work tho

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    08-04-2010 01:39 PM
  5. CarbonOak's Avatar
    In response to your second question, for drop-down menu items, it should generally do the same as the iphone in regards to allowing you to select one of the options, though it may be dependent on the website.
    08-04-2010 01:57 PM