1. dr.duct_mossburg's Avatar
    I had an Incredible that got stolen so Im going to be buying another phone. The Droid X is appealing but the Incredible has a better looking camera as far as the crispness in the picture. The color's are however better in the X's pictures.

    I take pictures side by side of the same thing with the demo models I have and the incredible hands down is clearer every time.

    Another thing I like about the Incredible is that you are able to push and hold a certain point on the picture and it will point and shoot that point.

    Another thing that I saw and liked was the panoramic pictures. How are you all doing that? is this just an app that you're using?

    I havent had a ton of hands on time with the Droid X so im kind of relying on the x geniuses on here.

    08-03-2010 10:39 AM
  2. c4v3man's Avatar
    Press settings in the default camera and select picture modes. You can then choose Panorama assist. Kinda sucks, I really wish they had 3-picture modes and not just 6 picture modes. Sometimes I won't want to take a picture that wide!!!

    I just do the vertical picture and use it for horizontal pictures so my viewing angle isn't so wide...

    Oh, and I use Vignette for standard photos. You can take pictures with less compression so they are a little clearer, but still not as sharp as what I've seen from other camera phones. The color reproduction sure is fantastic though...
    08-03-2010 10:51 AM
  3. moosc's Avatar
    Panoramic is a setting in the camera. As for shudder the X uses a mechanical one the DINC uses a digetal one
    08-03-2010 10:54 AM
  4. dr.duct_mossburg's Avatar
    yeah. I know you all are die heart Droid X so I wont boost to much on here, but I just see a lot of fuzzieness in the X pictures but want the processor speed and screen. I wish someone hacked the Droid X to give it the HTC interface.
    08-03-2010 11:01 AM
  5. Tifoso's Avatar
    You can take as few as 2 pics in panoramic mode. When you taken the last shot you want, push the shutter button and it will stitch only the shots you've taken.
    08-03-2010 11:07 AM
  6. dr.duct_mossburg's Avatar
    Good info.
    08-03-2010 11:10 AM
  7. dr.duct_mossburg's Avatar
    My phone was stolen from one of our location's so it is being replaced, but I have like 3 days to choose.
    08-03-2010 11:11 AM