1. Rob.G's Avatar
    When I first got my DX, I tried using it to "feed" my iPad using the Hotspot. Most of the time, it was unable to connect. Exactly twice, it did connect, and when it did, it worked well.

    A few days ago, I did the 604 update when the notification popped up. Since then, the iPad can connect all the time, but the actual Hotspot functionality quits after a couple of minutes. I even get a Notification saying that it has disconnected. And the green checkbox has turned to gray on the Hotspot screen.

    Anybody else see this problem? I haven't tried it with anything else, since I have a USB 3G modem on my laptop. The iPad is a 3G too, but the AT&T data service sucks, so it's a LOT faster to use Verizon with it.

    08-04-2010 01:03 PM