1. anon(51571)'s Avatar
    I can login and add people, and send messages. The people receive them and respond but I don't receive anything back. I'm new to android etc and I have no idea what to do. Logged into my google account on the computer and I can talk fine on there. What should I do?
    08-24-2010 09:57 AM
  2. anon(19758)'s Avatar
    Log out on the computer, for one. If I'm signed in to the same account on both, it will send replies to both UNTIL I reply on the computer. Then gTalk only sends messages to the PC.
    08-24-2010 09:59 AM
  3. anon(51571)'s Avatar
    Yes but I'm not receiving anything regardless of if I'm on the computer or not.
    08-24-2010 10:03 AM
  4. jtd771's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue. Was there a resolution?
    08-26-2010 07:02 PM
  5. lindycu's Avatar
    Folks - please let Google know this is a MAJOR PROBLEM. I've been having the same problem, and the fact is that Verizon, Motorola and Google are pointing fingers at one another. The fact is that Google has an issue, but getting support from Google is worth than a kick in the groin. Please twitter @Google and provide feedback on this and other posts. Here is a link to one of many forum posts for this very issue with not receiving messages/replies:

    Not Receiving Messages - Google Mobile Help

    Here's my testing and work with Level 2 support at both Verizon and Motorola:

    Device: Motorola Droid X
    Carrier: Verizon Wireless
    Country / Language: USA / English
    OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): Android / N/A / System Version 1.13.604MB810.Verizon.en.US, Firmware Verizon 2.1-update1, Baseband version BP_C_01.09.04P, Kernel version 2.6.29 w30471, Build Number VZW

    I'm having problems receiving Google Talk messages on my Motorola Droid X running Android 2.1Update1. My contacts can see me online, and I can see them. I can send them messages and they receive them. They in turn send me messages that I don't receive on my Android Droid X. I can shut the phone off, and log into GMail or into Google Talk for Windows PC and I do not have the same problem. Further more, my chat history is saved to GMail and there I can see the messages they sent.

    This is a problem with my account and I need Google to assist me with the account being reset to restore receiving Google Talk messages being receiving on my Android Device. I have already done the following troubleshooting concepts with Level 2 support at Verizon and Motorola.

    1. I attempted to factory reset the phone, and still had the problem. I did this multiple times. I have also assured during testing that I'm not logged into Google on a PC of any kind and the Android is the only Google login I have active.

    2. I went to Verizon store and set up my Google account on HTC Incredible, LG Ally, and Motorola Droid 2 and was able to recreate the problem. This rules out that it is specific to Motorola Droid X OS or to my profile at Verizon in terms of data feed.

    3. Motorola and Verizon do not understand the application is a Android OS application and not a third party application. (They indicate I should uninstall Google Talk and reinstall - which is impossible without rooting the phone, which is also not a "real" option with Motorola Droid X).

    4. I create a test account or used my wife's GMail account and was able to receive messages through her account on my Droid X.

    5. I can search GMail (using IS:CHAT) on the Android Device and can then see the messages that were sent to me via GMail, but they never appear on my Google Talk app/module of the Android OS

    Would someone please direct me to where specifically we can get Google to address and correct this issue? They need to look at the various users experiencing this problem and ensure our Google accounts are provisioned correctly and do not have an issue. This is obvious since I can set up a test Google account on the same device and Verizon service and not have this problem.

    Setting up a 2nd Google account is not a feasible option since the "2nd account" would become the primary account since Android Google Talk does not allow "switching users" and only uses the primary account.
    08-27-2010 09:36 PM
  6. Jeffrey2480's Avatar
    Has anyone seen any update to this problem since this last post, and/or found a solution? I've had the same problem and it's very frustrating. I've been missing important messages from people.
    09-08-2010 06:46 PM
  7. lindycu's Avatar
    Please go to the Google Forum and let them know. We also need sites like this to make this a news article. That would really help.
    09-08-2010 11:37 PM
  8. draftpeppin's Avatar
    Same problem. Using a Droid X. I'm using my primary Gmail account for Talk but I also have another Gmail account, which is my Google Apps account through my school. Not sure if that could be part of the problem.
    09-13-2010 08:17 PM
  9. draftpeppin's Avatar
    Mine began working today.
    09-14-2010 08:46 PM
  10. lindycu's Avatar
    This has been fixed. No actual details provided by Google (Ry Guy) on what caused it.
    09-16-2010 06:20 AM