1. blunt420's Avatar
    i was curious is there a device like a ipod(kills me to type that) that can store music that can be controlled by a remote and possibly have an android app to use phone as remote?

    example i wanna listen to music have a sh%$load of cds i can listen outside to music and my remote works its a logitech harmony 850 but it doesnt display song on screen of remote so an android app would be awesome

    i also have a 500 gift bard to BB since last xmas and its buring a whole in my pocket cant find something to waste it on lol
    09-05-2010 07:53 PM
  2. roberte1342's Avatar
    Have you looked into xbmc? The have a great remote app for controlling music, movies, tv shows, pictures. When setup properly, album art, dvd covers, thumbnails also show up in the remote app.

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    09-05-2010 09:25 PM
  3. blunt420's Avatar
    That looks a lil too hi tech for me but ill check it tomorrow when im not under the influence lol

    But to make i'm making sense is there a device that i could plug into a reciever and transfer music into it that has remote access to it via remote control (rf ) and have a android app to operate as a remote does that make sense or can i blustooth it somehow?
    09-05-2010 09:44 PM
  4. roberte1342's Avatar
    xbmc remote will rely on your wifi connection, what ever PC you use as your media center (connected to your receiver and TV, doesn't need to be very powerful) will need to be on your network also. There will be a learning curve, but the faqs/wiki/forums and xbmc.org will have everything you need to get setup.
    I have mine setup using the old original XBOX (cost me nothing) connected to my receiver and TV and it works great. I don't store my media on the XBOX but rather have it grab it off of my much bigger PC in the den.
    While using the remote I can browse and control every movie, tv show, album, etc right from my phone. Works great while having a pool party in the back yard and needing to change music, etc.
    I can't imagine there exists something better that uses android to do this task.
    09-06-2010 02:08 AM
  5. Adiliyo's Avatar
    accessory wise, you can't beat apple's ipod/iphone (basically anything with their dock connector) line as they have the most extensive set of things that are compatible with it.

    if you want your phone to be the remote for a fixed unit (ie your xbox, an htpc, etc) then android has many apps. there is a couple xbmc apps and some other remote apps that can do what you want, but they work over wifi and not rf as the phone doesn't have an rf sensor on it.

    with a little work, you can put xbmc on your xbox and use that to solve your media needs. it's an excellent front end and is also visually pleasing.
    09-06-2010 02:20 AM