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    My department is switching every person from Nextel phones to the Droid X. The Nextels are crappy phones but we use the PTT feature for performing group call-outs. So we all get a voicemail telling us what the call-out is reference and then our Sergeant comes up on the Nextel PTT and starts the call down procedure by squad and each member of the squad advises if they are available or not. This process goes through about 30 people and allows us all to hear who is and is not going.

    For the Droid X, I have been searching for an alternative to this procedure. We won't text replies because that's too many for the sergeant to try to read to see who is coming and who isn't especially if he might be driving at the time of the call-out.

    So far I have been thinking of this: Sergeant sends out a group text with mission information. Everyone has Night Ringer installed so they can turn their phone to silent while sleeping but not miss a call-out from the Sergeant. Then we use TiKL (PTT app) for the call down procedure and everyone can hear the call down.

    The thing I don't like about TiKL is that you can't make groups (for squads and such). It doesn't seem to create a Que so if three people press the PTT at the same time it doesn't give priority to the first person and cut the other two off. We've had mixed results using three phones where you may get an overlap of two people talking, one person talking and missing the second completely, or getting one message then the other.

    So far this is the best option(s) I can find/think of. Anyone else have any thoughts or use a similar process with any degree of success?
    09-10-2010 01:38 PM