1. suchanewbie's Avatar
    i have droid x (unrooted...geez, i have no idea how to do that!) with Verizon unlimited data. i use EasyTether app and USB to connect to my pc. i was given a xyboard, but running internet connection thru Bluetooth is painfully slow (i am LUCKY when i get a 3G). is this Foxfi 'thing' (!) where i should head?
    please reply like i'm a 2 year old ...i have no idea about all these acroynms being used! thanks very much.
    12-08-2013 08:50 PM
  2. sd_shadow's Avatar
    Did you try foxfi?

    Sent from my XT862 using Tapatalk
    12-11-2013 09:09 PM
  3. suchanewbie's Avatar
    yes i have tried Foxfi.....it is better than bluetooth, but still seems to gag occassionally. my new plan is to get an adapter (USB-micro) and try USB connection directly thru phone with the Easy Tether app. Thanks very much for checking in.
    12-16-2013 12:04 PM

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