1. gbororats's Avatar
    Recently i have been noticing that my dx will not connect to a lot of apps or even be able to check for system updates. It gives me an error "you need to be connected to wifi or have data enabled" (or similar message) on some apps. Wifi is on, and the 3g full bar is lit up as well.

    I get this on certain apps that require network to update, i get this on the voice recognition while texting, and also when i try to check for system updates (wishing froyo would magically appear).

    I have the smart mode profile setup on my phone and the data timeout set to never disable during peak hours.

    anyone else experiencing these issues or you think i may need a replacement phone? i dont want to replace the phone if i dont have to due to the screen protector that i have.

    09-16-2010 12:48 PM