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    My fiance's x has been having problems with the top power button working intermittently for a couple of weeks, but now it isn't working at all...her battery died last night and now we can not get the charged phone to turn back on. Is there any other obscure way to power the phone on?

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    09-19-2010 12:50 PM
  2. kdkinc's Avatar
    1. charge the phone with the wall charger for 1-2 hours.
    2. do a battery pull, reinstall.
    3. plug into usb to your PC without touching to power switch, that should start the phone .
    4. file a insurance claim if that does not work
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    09-19-2010 01:03 PM
  3. GivenToFly's Avatar
    Pull the battery out, plug the phone into your computer via USB, then re-insert the battery. The USB might wake the phone.

    The other night, I was playing with a friends X, and I had it plugged into the computer when I froze up, so I pulled the battery and as soon as I put the battery back in, the phone came back on without pressing the top button. Had to do this a few times, but each time the phone was already on though, but it's worth trying.

    Hope it works out for you.

    edit: kdking beat me by a minute.
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    09-19-2010 01:04 PM
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    Thanks guys! That did it. Still probably going to file a claim soon, but at least she was able to get through today, going to work and such.

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    09-19-2010 06:18 PM
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    You don't need to file a insurance claim.......Just call Verizon,tell them the problem and they will send you a replacement for free.
    09-19-2010 06:42 PM
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    I was just about to say that... the device is still under warranty, don't file a claim. Call *611 from your cell or 800-922-0204 (is it sad I know that off the top of my head?) and press 3 for tech support.
    09-19-2010 08:17 PM