1. njt462's Avatar
    I am thinking strongly of making the jump from the HTC EVO to the Droid X, but I have another question, sorry for posting it but I live too far away from a Verizon Store to just go into one and play with the phone.

    I was wondering does the X offer Facebook syncing like the EVO does. My EVO lets me sign into facebook under accounts sync and puts peoples current facebook photos in my address book and lets me call or text my facebook friends as they are in my address book with this sync feature.

    Was wondering if the X does this too or is that an HTC exclusive?

    Thanks in advance for your help out there forum land.
    09-21-2010 12:45 AM
  2. DaRkL3AD3R's Avatar
    Not sure but honestly, why make the switch? I mean, EVO and X are almost identical phones, EVO performs better now that JIT boosts its performance better than it does the TI OMAP processor, and they have the same size screen. The only REAL deciding factor should be:

    Sense vs Blur and
    Sprint vs Verizon

    I really don't see why'd you want to switch, especially considering that it seems the EVO does this Facebook thing for you now anyways. Unless you really hated Sprint and/or Sense then stick with what ya got imo. Just giving you my personal advice. Take it for what its worth (2 pennies)
    09-21-2010 12:48 AM
  3. njt462's Avatar
    I am needing to change since Sprint service is spotty out where I live, but Verizon is all over the place with full service out here. I mean I can live with the spotty coverage while driving around, since both work inside my house luckly, but I was wondering if it did the facebook thing or if that was an HTC exclusive.
    09-21-2010 12:51 AM
  4. Adiliyo's Avatar
    it's similar, but not exactly the same. it will pull your facebook contacts and sync their picture and information, but sense does more with facebook.

    i think blur will just sync contacts that are already in your address book, but sense lets you sync all your facebook contacts.
    09-21-2010 01:10 AM
  5. newob's Avatar
    blur will add all the accounts (facebook, google, twitter, myspace) together under your contacts. and you can filter your contacts by those accounts. you can link a contact to all their social profiles and select where you want the image coming from. makes for a long scroll through the contacts if no filter is set.
    09-21-2010 01:37 AM
  6. njt462's Avatar
    Okay thanks for all your help guys. I really do enjoy my EVO but Sprint spotty service out here is really getting me since I need my phone for work, so I guess I will have to get the "X" the "2" looks nice but I have trained myself to use touch screen to text and drive I know that is a big no no but that keyboard looks like it will cause an accident in no time flat since it seems to need both hand to type. LOL
    09-21-2010 03:05 AM
  7. Adiliyo's Avatar
    you can also use a touchscreen keyboard on the d2.

    but if you want a similar screen (size) experience then the x will be a better choice. no harm in playing with them both if you go to a vzw store to purchase though
    09-21-2010 09:43 AM
  8. evosaurusrex's Avatar
    I had the Evo but I like the X better. Much more memory for apps, its faster, and there's no frame cap. But yeah Sprint is probably the worst carrier. I will never go back to them.
    09-21-2010 10:42 AM
  9. xelhabb's Avatar
    Your culprits are overloaded Sprint towers and Sprint's Boost drug-dealer network. Nextel was awesome before it merged with Sprint. I was Sprint, then Nextel, then left when Sprint came aboard.
    Verizon is a little pricey, but worth it. The coverage is awesome. Welcome to the family!
    09-21-2010 11:00 AM
  10. jsaren's Avatar
    I love my X came from Blackberry so I can not compare to other droid phones, but I am very happy
    09-21-2010 01:06 PM