1. PT TD's Avatar
    I just got the upgrade, it seems all the same, but they changed the keyboard from a larger one with white on blue to a smaller one with grey on grey. I now need reading glasses tho swype???
    I can't figure out how to change settings. Any ideas how to go back?
    09-22-2010 10:12 AM
  2. john_5_24's Avatar
    I just emailed Swype about this...it SUCKS
    09-22-2010 10:18 AM
  3. Bekrah's Avatar
    I personally like the new look but we should have options to change skins if we so desire.

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    09-22-2010 10:20 AM
  4. alphabets's Avatar
    i dont use swype, but the reg keyboard got a downgrade imo also...no more ".com" button, or ability to double tap period button to get a comma...now u have to alt for a comma...lame
    09-22-2010 10:24 AM
  5. john_5_24's Avatar
    I called Verizon and talked to an actual technician. As soon as I asked him about both the Swype keyboard and the screen swipe to unlock, he went into a tirade because he isn't happy either...needless to say, there isn't a way to change either.
    09-22-2010 12:10 PM
  6. Saiyaman156's Avatar
    My Swype is gray keys with black font. I can read it very clearly.
    09-22-2010 12:16 PM
  7. Dural's Avatar
    I love the new Swype but agree skin change should be built in.
    09-22-2010 12:29 PM
  8. davidnc's Avatar
    Yeah keep the cutomization in android ,lol
    I agree be sweet to be able to change the skins.I like it ok but can see why some might not. I wish they would allow you just to customize with your own skins too . I use swype most times but mix it up some at times with regular texting .
    09-22-2010 12:40 PM