1. insuranceguy's Avatar
    I wanna go backwards.........I have some pics & vids on my PC that I took off my old storm that I want to put in the my new DX and acces via the gallery. How do I get them there? What is is the easiest solution to this so I can get quick access to the pics & vids? Also, how do you (or can you) get your itunes music into the droid? I was able to do it on the storm, so Im sure you can do it onthe X........
    09-25-2010 03:09 PM
  2. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    09-25-2010 03:21 PM
  3. D2TSHR1439's Avatar
    connect via usb to mass storage and drag and drop
    09-25-2010 03:34 PM
  4. scotth45's Avatar
    I use dlna to copy my movies over and play them with doubletwist
    09-25-2010 09:02 PM