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    For while I have been having problems like the charge will run down really quickly or go from 100 to 0 overnight. Is this a sign of a dying battery or do batteries just die w/o any warning?
    06-01-2014 01:19 PM
  2. sd_shadow's Avatar
    Likely is battery, but could be a bad app, or other software problem.
    Stock rom, Rooted, custom rom? Please post system version.
    If stock could try safe mode.
    I recommend wiping data once or more a year, it will help keep the device running as smooth as possible.

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    06-01-2014 01:26 PM
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    Link to safe mode in my list
    sd_shadow's [Collection] of Links for: Droid X (MB810)
    The droid X is about 4 years old, if still using original battery, it's time to replace. Best to stay with OEM batteries, not expensive on amazon or eBay.

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    06-01-2014 01:31 PM

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