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    If this has been addressed already I could not find it using a search but if there is a thread please let me know and I'm happy to read thru because I canít find any user relative info on this anywhere. There however seem to be many developer related posts on how to make use of the Headphone Action button.

    My first question is this, is the Droid X or the Android 2.2 OS (Not sure which is relevant to this item) supposed to support the use of headphones with an action button? A button that on other players like the Blackberry series, will play or pause the media player? I cannot get mine to work. When I press the button on my headphones I instead get the Voice Command activation app.

    The headphones I have did not come with the Droid X, in fact no headphones came with it; and so maybe that is the issue. The Droid X is certainly recognizing the button as being pushed it just does something other then what I would of expected it to.

    Anyone know anything about this? Perhaps itís just a setting somewhere in the OS I have yet to locate?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated for I did not realize till I went to the Droid just how often I used the headphone button to pause/play what I was listening to.

    10-11-2010 11:09 AM