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    I've been struggling for a month, since the 2.2 update, with sporadic loss of graphics files on my DX, after using USB connections to my laptop. There might be a few, a hundred or a thousand or more files that would disappear from the DX almost every time. Also, on each connection, it would consistently take over 7 minutes for the DX to fully connect with the PC, whether the SD Card was freshly formatted, or holding many thousands of files.

    Using MSCONFIG.EXE as a diagnostic tool, I was finally able to find that the HP QuickPlay program, which is automatically started by the system on each boot of my HP Series 9000 laptop, was interacting with the DX USB connection, and causing that ugly behavior. I have disabled HP QuickPlay on my system using MSCONFIG.EXE, and plan to leave it that way until there is some indication that either HP or Motorola have provided an update to resolve the conflict. Connection via USB to the Laptop is now almost instantaneous, and file integrity appears solid.

    I may be the only guy in our universe having experienced this problem, but I wanted to put out this warning and pointer for anyone who might be suffering with it.
    10-21-2010 09:23 AM