1. JetJock79's Avatar
    Hey everyone. I'm three days into owning this X....and all I can think is why I didn't get this sooner! Can't believe the capabilities of this phone. If there is another phone that can beat this,....then that company can probably figure out a way to cure cancer.....it just doesn't get any better than this! (I'm a former BB owner so I'm very grateful for this phone!)

    I just needed to get some advice on better ringtones. I downloaded "Zedge" so I could get some more professional and louder ringtones...and was happy with the selection, but saw that sometimes, either e-mail or txt, would revert back to the default settings. Any suggestions on another ringtone app....or a way to get different ringtones (maybe evn make them yourself by recording something)?

    I'm also very interested in getting a screen protector that doesn't give the "fuzzy" look of the Verizon anti-glare protector. I'm trying not to go the Invisishield route if I don't have to. I know there was another company that made them (sounded like a German name), that I read on a post like a month or more ago, but can't find that post.

    Thanks for any advice anyone can give. If there are more suggestions on other apps...I'm very open to them. I love Google Sky, Google maps, all my weather and wind forecast apps, and anything else that is kinda geeky!
    10-23-2010 08:35 PM
  2. tntdroid's Avatar
    try ringdroid. drop a song on your sd card and you can edit what part you want and set it. Also just buy a basic screen protector sheet thats clear. The phone has no silly cut outs so its easy to cut out from a blank sheet and may be cheaper too.
    10-23-2010 09:30 PM