1. robwilson's Avatar
    It seems like every time I put my X in the leather holster/pouch, it goes into car dock mode. Any way to stop this? Its driving me nuts!!!!!
    11-22-2010 10:51 AM
  2. seanubis's Avatar
    Does your holster have a magnetic clasp? That's probably what's triggering dock mode. Maybe you could flip the phone around when you put it in the holster.
    11-22-2010 11:04 AM
  3. robwilson's Avatar
    Yup it sure does. Thats what keeps the flap closed.
    11-22-2010 11:06 AM
  4. tntdroid's Avatar
    I have the Verizon one. Face the phone screen away from you. Never had that happen since then.

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    11-22-2010 11:53 AM
  5. Arelunde's Avatar
    The BACK corners on the left side (as you face the X screen) are sensitive to magnets ... the lower corner puts the X into a multimedia station dock; upper corner into car dock mode.

    HOWEVER, I have noticed with my X "wearing" the Seidio Surface case, the magnets do not have an effect on the back corners. BUT a magnet to the screen will turn on the X and it tries to go into "multimedia" mode.

    I also have one-piece soft plastic cases for my X and these DO allow magnetic reactions from the back.
    11-22-2010 12:20 PM
  6. Arelunde's Avatar
    Should add here that a magnet to the screen is not advisable.
    11-22-2010 12:22 PM
  7. davidnc's Avatar
    Yup it sure does. Thats what keeps the flap closed.
    I picked up the vzw soft holster and it has a magnetic on it to that keeps flap closed.

    I asked about the magnectic affecting phone and was told that that holster(vzw) was designed for the dx.

    Mine doesn't go in car dock mode , but I just make sure the screen is off before putting it in holster.

    Having the screen side facing in is a good ideal as well .
    11-22-2010 12:36 PM
  8. xliderider's Avatar
    Download the app Dock Nothingness from the Market. When the Car Dock is activated by the magnet, the phone will pop-up a screen asking you which app you want to launch, select Dock Nothingness (always).

    If you use your phone in a car dock, and actually want to use the Car Dock app, then you can manually launch it.

    I use a leather pouch with a magnet as well, and I use a car dock, but I prefer not to use the Car Dock app when my phone is docked, so I don't even bother with the car dock app.
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    11-22-2010 01:40 PM
  9. robwilson's Avatar
    Thanks I will try that app.
    11-22-2010 03:16 PM