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    OK, having just gone through an update dealing with problems I created by messing around with the build.prop file, I thought I'd post some information in anticipation of the next update.

    I like messing with the build.prop file. There are some cool changes that I like. Having the wrong build.prop file prevented my last update. I finally found an original, and was able to update OTA.

    Then, I messed around with build.prop again, fixing the things I like, and, today, I discovered that the phone was reporting version 2.3.15, even though I was really on 2.3.340, and when I checked for an update, sure enough Verizon pushed the OTA update to 2.3.340. Again, even though I was already on that version, and was enjoying the updated dial pad and all the rest.

    I ran the update to see what would happen, and it failed. I restored my original back up of the build.prop file, and now the phone reports version 2.3.340, and it is all fine. (As soon as this post is up, I'll change it back.)

    So. In my case, the next time an update rolls around, I can restore my original build.prop (I left it in the system directory and named it, what else, build.prop.original, and it sits next to build.prop.modified - which is the one I am using.)

    So, in order to prevent future fumbling around to locate an original build.prop file the next time an update comes out, I've attached it to this post. On my DX, using this build.prop takes it to version 2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US.

    You will need to rename the attached file to build.prop, and put it in the SYSTEM directory using Root Explorer or something similar.

    If you are wondering what I changed, it is the following, and the changes are NOT reflected in the attached original build.prop file. and I got the changes from http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ht=build.prop:

    To make the phone ring faster when dialing out, I changed




    Now the phone rings pretty much instantly when dialing out.

    Now, to save battery by decreasing the amount of time Wifi looks for an access point, I changed

    wifi.supplicant_scan_interval = 60


    wifi.supplicant_scan_interval = 90

    Now wifi will scan once every 1.5 minutes when not around a known location instead of once every minute which will save battery.

    I also changed the Dalvik VM heap size from




    To enable the hard key lights to stay on while the screen is on and not timeout, I changed


    To make the phone come off of the "black screen" in the middle of, or the end of phone calls when you pull the phone away from your face, I changed


    The delay is almost no longer NOTICEABLE at all. (It was very annoying to me personally)

    So.....that's my FYI. Good luck.
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    12-14-2010 07:31 PM