1. sniffs's Avatar
    How can I remove it? I use Google Voice as my VM server and I have it setup to email me for missed calls/texts, so now I get a stock missed call notification, a google voice missed call notification and an email telling me I've missed a call.

    lots of redundancy.. I'd like to just have GV notify me(the email is fine)..
    02-03-2011 11:51 PM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    Did a Google search. This app might be able to do what you want?

    Download A Simple Call Log for your Android phone on AppBrain

    Specifically this line in the app description:

    "* MODIFY_PHONE_STATE - used to remove the Android's missed-calls notification"
    02-04-2011 01:29 AM
  3. sniffs's Avatar
    Ooo.. thx
    02-04-2011 10:30 AM