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    I searched the forums, and didn't find anyone having my specific problem, so any help would be appreciated... I just got a Droid X, after having 5 D Inc's camera failures, they changed me to a new device.

    My X will continuously reboot itself, if it's NOT plugged in, and I turn the screen off. When plugged in, it will never power cycle. The only other time it seems to power cycle is when I have the speaker phone OFF, and I put the phone to my ear (Activate the proximity sensor). Basically every time my phone goes to sleep, whether I do it myself, or the screen times out, it cycles. It's not periodic, it happens literally 50+ times a day. I'm not sure if it's some software I have on there (Haven't installed much, it's 2 days old, the device is defective, or if the battery may be defective. The battery only seems to last 4 hours at max before going under 20% (this may be because it's constantly turning on and off). I'm willing to do a master reset, since it's so new and I don't have anything worthwhile on there yet. So I'm going to start with that. Does anyone know how to do a master reset on this device? Or, if anyone else knows what's causing, or may be causing the issue, I'm all ears. Any responses are greatly appreciated. Thank you guys for your time, and help!!!
    02-23-2011 11:56 PM
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    Oh my. You have multiple issues. Battery life first - bright screen, lots of widgets that update frequently, apps not customized for what you want them to do, GPS and wifi active... All these will kill your battery quickly. Check settings, turn down screen brightness, turn off GPS & wifi unless you are using them, make sure widgets update INfrequently (each has its own settings -check them). Then, read the bottom of this post for other issues you mention. Good luck!
    02-24-2011 12:08 AM
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    My brightness is set to auto, I have all my additional stuff disabled, wifi/gps/ect. Essentially it's still out of the box new. I really think the battery issues is caused by the 50+ reboots it's insisting on doing during a normal day. I don't have ANY social network widgets on there yet, I even removed all of the ones MOTO threw on there out of the box. Basically I'm just trying to figure out why my phone keeps rebooting for no reason every time I put it to sleep....
    02-24-2011 12:12 AM
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    Essentially, the X doesn't go to sleep. What are you meaning with that term? Screen lock (black screen), airplane mode? If your X is resetting (rebooting as in off/on), yes, that will indeed drain your battery.
    02-24-2011 12:18 AM
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    Yea, I meant screen lock. Each time I lock the screen, and it's not plugged into AC power it restarts itself. However, it also restarts the phone when I put it to my ear during a call. It seems like, if it's not plugged in, and the screen goes off for whatever the reason, the phone reboots. No warning, or anything like that. Just reboots....
    02-24-2011 12:23 AM
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    It really sounds like a faulty phone. None of these things should happen. Are you able to return for a NEW phone or just a refurbisfhed. Refurbs seem to bring even more problems. If you can't replace with a new X, I suggest you trade in for a different Android phone... NEW.
    02-24-2011 12:41 AM
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    Did you, or a store rep install ATK? If so, delete it. Also, are you running Launcher Pro? It's been known to cause random reboots on some phones.
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    02-24-2011 07:29 AM
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    Yes, I have ATK Froyo. Should I just delete it, and not run any task killer at all, or is there a better alternative to kill tasks on the X? But no, I'm not running any custom launchers.
    02-24-2011 09:23 AM
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    02-24-2011 09:47 AM
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    Task Killers are NOT needed on the Android systems, including the X. Apps are kept running briefly by the operating system, then shut down if not used.... without any outside app involved. Task Killer has been identified as a major issue - causing untold misery for X owners. Delete it and don't replace it with any other similar app. Definitely NOT needed.

    PS - If you are using Launcher Pro Plus (the paid version), you might need to uninstall it and re-install. Once the Froyo update was downloaded, LPP had multiple force closures, but uninstalling it and reinstalling took care of that. I've been running it without any problems ever since and lovin' it.
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    02-24-2011 09:55 AM
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    Thank you guys very much!!!! It was definitely ATK.... I removed it from the device, and the reboots immediately stopped.
    02-24-2011 10:16 AM
  12. Intillex's Avatar
    Well... I lied. Still random rebooting.... Any other ideas?
    02-24-2011 03:22 PM
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    I had the same issue. It would reboot like 50 times a day. I went to Verizon and they were like we cant do anything unless it does it here. So I left my phone with Verizon for 2 hours and it rebooted 4 times while there. When I went back to pick it up they said they had no idea what was wrong, but they overnighted me a new phone. That was yesterday that I got my new phone. 36 hours later, I have no issues now. You may to go to Verizon a few times for them to take care of you. I took me 5 times to get a new phone.
    02-24-2011 05:14 PM
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    Did they send you a new phone or a refurbished unit? I'm really really not looking forward to having to get a refurb...........
    02-24-2011 07:02 PM
  15. Andyjhay55's Avatar
    It was a referb, but looks and feels like new. You would never know. I would rather have a referb than a new phone that doesn't work correctly.
    02-25-2011 06:01 AM
  16. kukabuka's Avatar
    Having the same issue with going to lock then rebooting. Being on a Wifi network makes it worse. It's rebooting every 2 minutes like clockwork. Took it to the store, and it sat there for 15 minutes with no reboot, of course.

    I have no apps installed. Phone is brand new as of today.
    03-01-2011 08:41 PM
  17. Arelunde's Avatar
    Did you un-check your auto-update apps feature on all the apps in your My Apps Market account? I can't emphasize enough how disruptive this auto-update feature is to normal ops. Bricks, fc's, and on and on. Check it out before you give up.
    03-01-2011 10:08 PM
  18. kukabuka's Avatar
    Like I said, I have no apps installed. So there are no My Apps in the Market account. Though I will keep that in mind if I ever work out the reboot issue, and decide to invest the time in customizing the phone.
    03-02-2011 08:45 PM
  19. Andthrax's Avatar
    Like was said it sound like a referb problem the first refurbished x I got had the same problem. the quality assurance testing need to improve with motorola.
    03-03-2011 07:33 AM
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    Like I said, I have no apps installed. So there are no My Apps in the Market account. Though I will keep that in mind if I ever work out the reboot issue, and decide to invest the time in customizing the phone.
    Oh, but you do have apps installed ... the X comes with several basic ones. Check the My Apps (in menu) when in Market. Make sure they aren't auto-updating. It really doesn't sound like this is your problem, but it's worth a look.
    03-03-2011 06:53 PM
  21. Dirty Ders's Avatar
    My phone used to have frequent and random reboots when I first got it. Now it doesn’t.

    I think most of the time it was because the phone got too hot (over 110 degrees) I figured this was because I was holding it too often at the battery, and because I was using a thick silicone case. I took the phone out of the case and it stopped rebooting.

    My first battery was also bad by the way… it only lasted about 4 hours total active and standby time. I got the Moto extended battery (BH6X) and now it lasts for a couple of days with my use.
    03-03-2011 09:54 PM
  22. kukabuka's Avatar
    Oh, but you do have apps installed ... the X comes with several basic ones. Check the My Apps (in menu) when in Market. Make sure they aren't auto-updating. It really doesn't sound like this is your problem, but it's worth a look.
    I appreciate the help, but there is nothing listed in the My Apps when in the Market. I know there are plenty of preinstalled apps, but they aren't listed there, and I couldn't figure out how to adjust their updating schedule.
    03-04-2011 01:03 PM
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    I'm having the exact same problem with no fix still. My first phone fried, the first refurb reset every 5 minutes, and I'm on my second refurb now with the same problem, no fix. I can only talk on speaker, if it's unplugged and the screen goes off the phone reboots. Right now I have my screen set to never go off. And it's highly annoying. Verizon hasn't done much to fix this problem. How can I get a new phone? They only give me refurbs that don't work. I want another droid or iPhone if the X is going to consistently do this crap. I bought it new when it first came out with no problems. I got Gingerbread on it and it died. Now I've got 2 rebooting bricks in my house.
    05-11-2011 02:14 AM