1. brattosa's Avatar
    Transitioned from a Storm2 to a DroidX and can't believe all of the fun I was missing. One hurdle I'm struggling with is the custom notifications. With my S2, I had a sound profile for night where it was calls only, but that a single emergency e-mail contact would still fire the notification; all other e-mail contacts would remain silent. I've been searching several forums and the market for a couple of days now and can't quite find something that would do the same. Has anyone come across a solution for this?
    02-25-2011 11:53 PM
  2. Arelunde's Avatar
    In settings, you can set timing for the radio activity in Battery Saver in Settings (off at night or for particular hours.) There is no question that one of the very few advantages the S2 had over the X is the Bedside Mode. If you do a search or check the thread for BB converts, you will find extensive discussions for alternatives.

    Must add, though, nothing shuts down the flashing lights. I have my X wrapped face down in a fluffy washcloth (dry, of course) at night to keep the light under control ... even with the Battery Saver mode active in Settings > Battery Manager.

    One thing, though. I accidentally tapped a 9-1-1 in my speed dial. Frantically struggled to hang up (using notification panel) as quickly as possible and discovered in the incident that the radio was shut down except for emergency communication afterwards. Took a while to get things back to normal, but it was reassuring that the 9-1-1 call is taken very seriously by the X.
    02-26-2011 08:35 PM