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    Okay I've been looking for solution to this problem for quite a while now. My droid X would not be able to make or receive calls from certain contacts. I looked around for answers and saw that I will have to get into the contacts and "unlink" the related contacts so the call would work. I tried it and it works, however it would always go back to the same situation and occurs to many other contacts. (especially the ones with phone contact AND facebook contacts). Is there a way to permanently separate the phone contacts and facebook/google contacts? alot of the times the phone will only ring once and gets disconnected without even registering who called so I can call them back because of this issue.

    Any solution to this problem?

    btw my droid X is currently running 2.2.1
    03-15-2011 11:33 AM
  2. TitanAsh's Avatar

    any info would be much appreciated. thanks!
    03-18-2011 03:56 PM
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    Yes, indeed. There IS an answer ... or rather a cause. It's the Verizon Auto -backup app combined with the My Verizon website.

    Vz has made its My Verizon website somewhat like Gmail's with personalized email, contacts, etc. Unfortunately, it's not totally cooperative with Gmail (if at all). Here's what happens...

    The My Verizon (backup) app on your Xposts your contact info to its website. When you make changes on Gmail, they don't necessarily (read: never) sync with the My Verizon listings - they just make the list longer there. You end up with multiple links involving old and deleted information. A real horror story that took me months to figure out.

    Solution: Go to My Verizon and DELETE all the contacts there. Don't panic. This won't affect your Gmail contacts list, but it WILL eliminate all those pesky extra links. You will need to clean out the Vz contact list periodically (PITA), even if you haven't activated the Auto-Backup app. While you are there, you might also do a cleanup of your emails, which stay there seemingly foreverrrrr.
    03-18-2011 06:44 PM