1. DroidRage79's Avatar
    Hello folks, I just picked up a new Nissan Maxima this weekend, and had no trouble setting up the sweet Bluetooth phone in it (Phonebook sync is awesome). I want to set up Bluetooth audio however there are no instructions and I am not finding much on the net. Apparently these cars are very iPhone- and BB biased, because I can only find directions on how to set the BT audio up for those devices, nothing for the Droid X/Android.

    If anyone can help or knows where I can find help please let me know!

    03-21-2011 12:32 PM
  2. RemmyZero's Avatar
    bluetooth audio on the X is kinda subpar, in my experience. if you just start playing a song the X may just start playing over the bluetooth, otherwise i'm not sure how to go about doing it. on my parrot bluetooth system i find the bluetooth audio connection to the X doesn't work right, but it was perfect on my iPhone so i really think it comes down to the software on the phone.

    try just hitting play on the music player and turn the volume rocker up. worked for me.
    03-26-2011 09:21 AM