1. Midmom's Avatar
    I'm still using my aged Droid X as my phone. I acknowledge I might be the only person on the planet still using this phone after six years, but it was all I needed for a long time. I accidentally cooked the battery about a week ago leaving it charging in the sun in the car. Is there any reputable and reliable source for an OEM recognizable battery for this device? If I buy an aftermarket Duracell battery at Batteries and Bulbs will it charge in the device or give that stupid can't charge message? I don't want to spend $30 nonrefundable dollars just to find out. The phone is kind of marginal as compatibility with apps has been dying off, especially over last six months.
    07-26-2016 01:20 PM
  2. Einsteindks's Avatar
    Yeah, should work, no prob. The farther you go from OE or name brand, the more risky the component.
    07-27-2016 04:59 PM

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