1. pnico's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    was wondering if it is worth upgrading to the thunderbolt from the x..
    I phones are somewhat similar..only the thunderbolt has the 4g, correct?

    is one better than the other?

    I also realize that the screen sizes are the same
    03-22-2011 09:01 AM
  2. racinwarrior's Avatar
    in my opinion....yes

    I came from the X to the TB and it is a much nicer phone

    its faster both in download speed and overall performance.

    it is a bit shoter and fatter and feels better in my hand.

    the X does have better call quality

    the x has much better battery life as well
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    03-22-2011 09:52 AM
  3. BBSeattle's Avatar
    I was wondering the same thing so I spent some time with the Thunderbolt at my local Verizon store. Good looking phone with a solid feel. It has a front facing camera but not a feature important to me.
    I compared several things:
    Web page loading
    Navigation on web pages
    Download / Marketplace
    Text /attaching photo
    Phone navigation, etc.
    Bear in mind I am not an expert and my comparison was less than scientific.
    In the end I found the web surfing and page navigation about the same (the store employee did say that there was a strong 4G signal). Download was marginally faster with TB but not enough to impress.
    The phone seemed a little faster navigating through home screens, options, etc. But again nothing too impressive.
    I was willing to purchase a TB that day if I found anything significantly better; I did not.
    I was actually dissapointed that I did not walk away with a new gadget.
    Guess I will wait for the Bionic or Revolution.
    03-22-2011 09:55 AM
  4. opjones's Avatar
    My wife got the bolt and I have the X, here is what I've seen.

    HTC so it doesn't have the locked bootloader
    Front facing camera
    Incredible download speeds
    Screen seems a little sharper and crisper

    Battery life
    A little bulkier than the X
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    03-22-2011 10:10 AM
  5. jerseyboy357's Avatar
    Well, a locked boot loader is a pain yes but not the main reason to drop my X for "the newest thing". Even with the bootloader issue, we do still have some pretty kick *** ROMs like Apex, DarkSlide, Liberty, etc.

    The X has a HUGE screen, to me great sound, its fast in and out, its big(I have large hands), call quality has always been decent to good, battery life with extendeds and ROMs is awesome and I can call it my new laptop. The whole 4G thing, well I had the little usb 4g thing from VZ and its same speed as previous ones I had so im gona wait to see what happens with this 4G fad in the next couple of quarters. Ive heard there is no 4g just faster 3g speeds marketed to make them seem faster. So I wil not be buying a thunderbolt. I like my X because I believe there is still more to come for it customization wise.
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    03-22-2011 11:43 AM
  6. French's Avatar
    I just returned the TBolt...my main reasons for doing so:

    1) Like seattle above, in my very unscientific comparisons with the Thunderbolt on 4G and the X on 3G, internet pages loaded about the same. However, application installations from memory card were faster on the Thunderbolt...this is where I think the 768 RAM was of benefit.

    2) The Thunderbolt seems to not get as good a of a signal as the Droid X...I had both phones in a restaurant last week and the Thunderbolt was hot to the touch (literally) from signal searching, while the Droid X was cool and holding a strong (albeit low) 3G signal. The signal on the X is the best I've seen on a smart phone to date.

    3) The X has far bettery battery life and I don't have to turn everything off. I have GPS, bluetooth and wifi on all the time, use it "at will" (in lieu of trying to be "conservative") and this phone with the 1930 battery in it literally lasts as long as I do...which is all I have ever wanted from my smart phone. Get up when I get up, go to bed when I go to bed.

    I wanted to like the Thunderbolt but I actually also prefer the form factor of the X...and believe it or not I prefer the SCREEN on the X. I'd rather give up some of this fancy screen technology for a screen that just works in bright light as well as low light conditions, and doesn't chomp the battery at 80%+ use. The Droid X, to me, found that perfect balance of a nice screen yet it doesn't use nearly as much battery as the "super" screens, etc. I find it perfectly fine for everything I do from watching movies, to playing online games, to working on word and excel documents.

    I am SO impressed with this Droid X, I think my next phone will be the Bionic. If they can ace the battery life I am on board. And if they don't, I have no doubt I'll continue on with my X and be pleased just the same.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    03-22-2011 01:06 PM
  7. WAldenIV's Avatar
    I thought the TBolt did have a locked bootloader.

    I don't think 4G is worth the decreased battery life. The processor is only single core in the TBolt.
    03-22-2011 01:20 PM
  8. opjones's Avatar
    If you're going to use the Bolt as a hotspot a lot of the time, or you download a lot of podcasts, the 4g is worth it. I get constant download speeds over 15 mbps in northern metro Detroit, topping out around 22 mbps, that's blazing fast for a phone! The phone can only load webpages so fast, you're not going to see improvements there. If you can utilize the 4g speeds then it's worth picking up.
    03-22-2011 01:27 PM
  9. Ricky Babalu's Avatar
    I thought the TBolt did have a locked bootloader
    It does.
    03-22-2011 02:13 PM
  10. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    I think the TB is a worthy upgrade if you are looking for a different experience. The Sense UI is smoother and prettier than motoblur. sense makes the phone seem faster. The front camera is a nice addition and 4G will be great. But, if you aren't going to video chat and you don't live in a 4G area, it would be a waste of an upgrade.
    03-23-2011 07:07 AM
  11. eric6052's Avatar
    If you're coming from an Eric or original Droid the Thunderbolt. Is a great upgrade but from the X to the TBolt you just don't get a generational leap. I would hold out for Atrix like specs at a minimum. Im not upgrading at all this year though.
    03-23-2011 09:30 AM
  12. pnico's Avatar
    I share the same feeling, the Tbolt would be more of a parallel move to the X. Both are probably nice devices.. I love my x.

    I would prefer to upgrade to a dual core phone though..I guess that will be out eventually with 4G..should be pretty sweet
    03-23-2011 08:27 PM
  13. wildman's Avatar
    The TB has close to the same specs as a EVO, minus the hdmi out. I really do not see the performance being better than the Droid X because the EVO couldn't out perform the Droid X so I cant see a device with same specs work any better. I agree the design is nice but there isn't any major performance over a Droid X to merit upgrading.

    If I am using any other device I would jump on the TB..
    03-23-2011 09:22 PM