1. djonathang's Avatar
    Hello All,

    This might be really basic so I apologize in advance. I use a Droid X. I was wondering whether my calendar and emails on the Google system are avaible when I am lacking a connection, or is there a way to have the calendar and emails be on my phone and updated when the connection returns?

    I work in an area that is in and out of reception, and cannot afford to have my previously set calendar and received emails disappear, even briefly.


    03-25-2011 03:30 PM
  2. androidcore's Avatar
    you email and calendar is set to sync with google gmail and calendar when you have a connection... once its on the phone, it stays on the phone until you delete it of the phone OR from your gmail or calendar account on the pc/laptop.. then when you get connection again on the phone, the mail/calendar app is synced to match what you did on the pc... if you loose connection for, let say 1-2 hours, and your not messing with a pc/laptop, then all new emails and calendar data will be made available to your phone when you get a new connection
    03-29-2011 05:04 AM
  3. Arelunde's Avatar
    Yes. You shouldn't have any problem with your Gmail info, but you do need to make sure the following settings are checked so it CAN sync whenever any changes are made and/or you are in range of a signal...

    Settings > Data Manager > Data Delivery (check all three)

    Settings > Accounts > Gmail > (check) Sync Contacts, Sync Gmail, Sync Calendar.

    BTW, you can manually do a sync for any or all of the Gmail settings while in that Setting screen ... just hit menu and "sync now".
    03-29-2011 06:27 PM