1. untappedalloy's Avatar
    I'm on gingerbread and I started really using the swype keyboard. There are some words that I made up and will automatically choose it even though that's not the word I want. I know I can double tap and choose the right word or make swype ask me if that's the right word more often but I don't want to! I deleted all the words in the user dictionary, and I can still text using my learned words that I deleted from the dictionary. Am I missing something? Can someone test on their phone if deleting a learned word from the user dictionary really gets rid of the word or not?
    04-04-2011 12:25 AM
  2. rpmm70's Avatar
    If you enter the word you want to delete and press the "Swype" button it should ask if you want to delete that word. If the word selection window comes up, press the Swype button again.
    04-04-2011 02:04 AM
  3. Arelunde's Avatar
    There are two dictionaries with stored words ... One is for the words learned by the X as you type and the other is a set of words you enter. The first one is the one you want to clear:

    Settings > Language & keyboard > Multi-touch keyboard settings > Clear User Dictionary (this deletes all learned works from the X)

    Settings > Language& keyboard > User Dictionary (these are the words YOU enter for the X to remember)
    04-04-2011 08:56 AM
  4. cpninja's Avatar
    I am having a similar issue with typo'd learned words not being removed. I have cleared every dictionary in my phone known to man--the User Dictionary, the swype dictionary, the multi-touch keyboard dictionary, all of it. These incorrectly entered words are still showing up in the ribbon control. I have tried this with both the SD card present and the SD card removed.

    The real of this is, that this is a new phone body aka new internal hard-drive. I have recently replaced the phone 'cause my last one finally died, and verizon just happened to have a replacement Droid X. This implies to me that these incorrect learned words were backed up and re-downloaded.

    I would appreciate help with this issue that does not suggest editing my User Dictionary, I've seen that suggestion a bajillion + 1 times and it is not the right answer.

    Thanks, guys!
    02-12-2013 03:56 PM