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    Yesterday a new file folder was created on my sd card. It is named "bugreports", within this folder is a fairly large text file that contains alot of my personal info, along with what seems to be phone code, and stats.

    The file name is: "Bugreport 2011-04-05-16-53-57.txt, and the header reads
    "==Dumpstate:2011-04-05 16:53:57"

    Does anyone know how this is created, by what app, and if it is safe to delete. I searched the forums and google but could not find any answers.

    *********On a side note, I opened the file with QuickOffice, and it took almost a 1/2 hour to fully download and open up?
    04-06-2011 01:23 PM
  2. LMO's Avatar
    Yes you can delete the .txt file.. I did. I left the folder there though, as every once in a while I see new .txt files in there. They are from apps that have errors, and once you are able to see them they are most likely no longer needed anymore.
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    04-06-2011 06:07 PM