1. SpartyOnDX's Avatar
    Ok so I had some problems flashing back to 2.2 and installing the rooted GB but I got there...kinda. I had to directly charge my battery so SBFing would work. Meaning I stripped a USB cable taped the wires to the battery and plugged it into the charging adapter for about 4 hours.

    I then was able to proceed with everything. Now on GB I went from 10am to midnight and only used 50%!!! 14 hours with no hacks, just rooted GB - that's 28 hours on one charge!

    Did GB do this or my sneaky charging? Anyone have any ideas?
    04-16-2011 09:27 AM
  2. Ratchet's Avatar
    That's about the norm for my device. I don't beat it up too bad during the day though.
    04-16-2011 09:54 AM
  3. SpartyOnDX's Avatar
    Well before on some custom roms I was getting 14-16 hours. 28 is just amazing to me
    04-16-2011 10:09 AM
  4. gafly's Avatar
    I just got 51:20 out of the extended battery on .588 (no root). So 28 to 30 hours on the stock should be about right... highly dependent upon on usage of course.
    04-16-2011 10:30 AM
  5. Johnly's Avatar
    I abuse mine so I will never get 24+ but I do get at least 16 heavy use, stock battery. I think I had decent life on froyo too.
    04-16-2011 10:34 AM
  6. mhans311's Avatar
    I just activated my old HTC Ozone for a few days (studying for tests and didn't want my X to distract me ) When I would come home after being out all day, my Ozone still had about 70%-80% battery left (using it all day) and my X would be at maybe 50%. The X had been charged the night before and it had just been sitting on the night stand all day. This happened every day I had the Ozone activated.

    Why is the X getting drained faster without even being used? Only widget I have active is a clock/weather widget.
    04-16-2011 07:36 PM
  7. DBLX's Avatar
    You guys must not use your X! I can't put mine down for too long. My best day using everything is 9 hours to 30% and thats with the extended battery. Once i get to yellow I start charging. So maybe i could see 12 hours..?
    04-16-2011 07:51 PM
  8. ottscay's Avatar
    On the Gingerbread OTA "leak" I'm getting significantly better battery life - I didn't seem to be before I did my factory reset, not sure if I was playing with it all the time or if the constant sync issue was at fault, but now that I did the reset I'm getting the best battery life I've had on this phone (or any other smartphone).
    04-16-2011 08:11 PM
  9. gafly's Avatar
    When I would come home after being out all day, my Ozone still had about 70%-80% battery left (using it all day) and my X would be at maybe 50%.

    ...your Ozone uses MUCH less power to run it's small screen and Windows OS. If you had a BlackBerry Bold, or similar device, you'd probably experience similar battery drainage.

    Your DX should get anywhere from 25 to 30 hours on the standard battery so 12-15 hours should equal about 50% - which sounds about right after being out "all day". You can look in battery usage in the battery manager settings to see what is using the most power. Also, you can go to running services in the application settings to see what all is running on your DX even though it may look like your DX is just being neglected (poor DX).
    04-16-2011 08:17 PM
  10. Rudolphe's Avatar
    After 10 hours i'm at 20-40% depending on how I use my phone. I don't see how anyone could get 28 hours on a single charge unless they never use their phone.

    Between sms, phone calls, twitter, facebook, bluetooth to my car, bluetooth to my headphones, light web browsing (usually less than 30 min a day, i use ipad if i need to browse) and other random BS, I never get a full 24 hours.
    04-18-2011 01:02 PM
  11. GenericMessage's Avatar
    I've been able to squeeze 32 hours out of it stock with 2.2
    04-18-2011 05:37 PM