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    When I switch to the droid x most of my contacts where imported due to the vz backupassistant.I've noticed that ever new contact that I put in to my phone has a google account linked with it ( well mulitple but will get to that later) is there a way to back up contacts prior to the backupassistant download so that they will all be saved on to the Google acount........ how do u create the google contact acounts ........ or is it automatic?
    05-08-2011 07:26 PM
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    Oh oh! You are entering the twilight zone of Vz auto backup.

    On an Android, you should (for simplicity) depend on Google/Gmail/contacts/calendar. FYI - Verizon's My Verizon website is (in actuality) a competitor to the Gmail experience. On the Vz site, there's a Vz contact list, all your emails (if you get them via Vz), etc.

    What you need to do is go to your My Verizon and DELETE all contacts there. Don't freak, your contacts will still be in Google/gmail -- IF they were already there. Google/Gmail keeps your contacts (etc) in its "cloud" in cyberspace. They won't disappear, if you have them in the Gmail contact list.

    Vz doesn't sync well with Gmail contacts and will often provide duplicate, outdated, deleted and incorrect data. You will also find a bunch of "links" on your X's contact list that are either old, incorrect, or deleted ... all stemming from the connection to Vz contact auto-backup.

    You will need to go into Vz's contact backup periodically to clear info it has collected, even if you have not installed the auto backup. A PITA, but it WILL clean up your contacts list.

    If you ever do a Factory Data Reset where you have the option to "OK" installation of Vz auto-backup, DON'T do it. Just hit skip. Although this will limit what Vz collects, you will still have to check from time to time and delete (again) whatever is there.
    05-08-2011 09:28 PM
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    ok so what u are saying is i have to enter all contact from vz all over aagain n google for google to back them up ..... then delete them from vz. will google delete numbers from the contact list as i delete them from the phone ?
    05-09-2011 06:15 PM
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    You probably already have your contacts in the Gmail contacts list. Go to your Gmail address using your PC and take a look. If they are there, all you have to do is delete the Verizon contact's list. Your Gmail contacts are totally separate, automatically synced (if you have that checked) and backed up in cyberspace (the cloud).

    BTW -- to make sure your Gmail contacts are synced, go to ...

    Settings > Accounts > Your Gmail account > make sure all are checked to sync.

    You can then press menu and "Sync now" to get it started and any other time you want to do it manually. Using Gmail's contacts, calendar and email (to fetch your Pop 3 accounts and deliver) is incredibly efficient because any changes you make on your PC or X is instantly synced to the other. Everything stays current. Beats having an (unnecessary) intermediary program involved.
    05-09-2011 06:24 PM

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