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    Here's the problem:

    Email works sometimes--sometimes not.

    Lately it will not sync unless I manually sync it and the outgoing messages get caught up in the outbox very often. Tried everything -- called Motorola, Verizon, IT, etc. Rebooted, hard reset, battery pull, new phone, blah, blah, blah.... I am using the stock email stuff. This problem happens with corporate sync, hotmail and gmail. Even when I manually snyc it does not work all the time.

    So, I installed a 3rd party app (Moxier). After installation (exchange server only), all accounts started working--even the stock corporate sync exchange email. The hotmail accounts also started working. All seems good now. Here are the questions:

    1. Could a 3rd party app (Moxier) affect the stock corporate email app like this and make it start working? How could they be connected?

    2. Could a 3rd party app (Moxier) make the hotmail accounts start working better that were all ready loaded and not associated with the Moxier app?

    3. Will running two email apps connected to the exchange server (stock and Moxier) affect battery usage that bad. Seems if I run them both I kind of get a back up system on my corporate email. However, I don't want to run the battery low with the stock email app if it's not needed.

    Thanks in advance.

    05-19-2011 03:50 PM