1. RAltro's Avatar
    I am new to all of this. I updated my phone to the Gingerbread but now I have to send my phone back to Verizon and I cant figure out how to get it back to stock. I have RSD Lite installed. It finds my device but will not let me start when I choose the File VRZ_MB810_2.3.34_1FF_01.sbf It keeps saying fail. Can someone please help me.
    05-23-2011 01:06 PM
  2. bor999's Avatar
    Have you tried settings > privacy > factory data reset?
    05-23-2011 01:52 PM
  3. RAltro's Avatar
    Yeah it doesnt work. I need to knwo how to get it back to Froyo from Gingerbread
    05-23-2011 01:55 PM
  4. TipTheScales's Avatar
    XDA Wiki on the Droid X

    That page should direct your to the info you need.

    1. Download RSD Lite
    2. Download the Froyo recovery ROM from the XDA links
    3. Install RSD Lite
    4. Put your phone into bootloader (shut it off, hold down power + home + volume up, let go of power
    5. Plug in USB cord to computer
    6. Fire up RSD
    7. Mount the recovery image you downloaded
    8. Try and try until it goes completely through

    I know this isn't a walk through, but I hope it helps.

    A much better account.
    05-23-2011 02:08 PM
  5. RAltro's Avatar
    I cant seem to find the Froyo recovery rom . . .
    05-23-2011 02:17 PM
  6. TipTheScales's Avatar
    First link: Under ROMs and Recoveries on the XDA site. Second from last link.

    Second link: Second download link.

    I would suggest using the second link since it is much more user friendly.
    05-23-2011 02:33 PM
  7. RAltro's Avatar
    I downloaded the file but when I go into RSD Lite I choose that file but the start is grayed out.
    05-23-2011 02:39 PM
  8. TipTheScales's Avatar
    You have the DX connected via USB?
    Is it in bootloader mode?
    05-23-2011 02:44 PM
  9. RAltro's Avatar
    Yeah and it finds my phone
    05-23-2011 02:58 PM
  10. cae2685's Avatar
    One thing I had to try was renaming and moving the file. If I recall correctly, RSD was unhappy with long file paths... moving and renaming it to C:\vzw.sbf worked for me.
    05-23-2011 04:07 PM
  11. jcarlosfox's Avatar
    1) Do a GOOGLE SEARCH for: maderstcok - OTA 2.3.340 update.zip

    2) Put the file in the ROOT DIRECTORY of your SD Card.

    3) Rename the file update.zip

    4) Go to the bootloader.

    5) Run update.zip

    It will bring your device to factory fresh, WITHOUT deleting or changing any of your installed programs, files or settings.

    Do a FACTORY RESET before you send the phone back to Verizon so that all your personal stuff is gone.
    05-24-2011 11:49 AM