1. a7xfan16's Avatar
    I've only been an Android user for 11 months but in this short time, I've been through 5 phones of 2 different models, 3 HTC Incredible 2s as well as 2 Motorola X2s. Needless to say I have very bad luck. Anyways, this new one is maybe 2 months old but it has the same problem all of my previous Droids. It randomly reboots up to around 5 times per day (on a heavy usage day) and has recently decided that while charging, it has to be flat or it won't stay connected to the charger. The port is clearly not well attached because it wiggles a lot. Never has been very well attached on any of my Droids. No charger fixes the issue. Anyone else having these issues? I've had about enough of the constant remarks that "it's just this phone" and that "a replacement should solve your problem." I've been through enough in such a short time period to know its definitely not.
    08-03-2012 01:46 AM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    My phone rarely ever reboots on it's own. So infrequently that I can't remember the last time it happened.

    My charger port was loose on both my X2s so far though.

    My Sister is on her second Incredible 2 and seems to have lots of problems with it, and, I'm on my second X2 (about to get a third), and, unfortunately, I think it is just an issue with these phones. My X2 physical buttons keep breaking, so, I think it's just that the phone wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

    Either way, you are at 11 months, call up the carrier and get a replacement phone while it's still under warranty.
    08-11-2012 10:13 PM
  3. IC3D's Avatar
    PM me, I can setup a skype phone call with you and your service provider and social engineer you a brand new phone easily, just by saying it's screwed; shuts down constantly, tweaks out daily by randomly clicking icons..yaddayadda.. not too hard. I've received over 4 free phones with Verizon for issues like this.

    EDIT: You just gotta know what to say when you call them bad boys ;D
    11-19-2012 12:13 AM