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    I just ordered my Trident Kraken 2 case and im wondering if anyone would like me to do a initial unboxing and review of the case, and ill do one in a few weeks as a follow up review. I might be able to post pictures if someone can give me instructions on how to do so, much appreciated if you do. Ive searched high and low for a decent review for this case and havent found one yet, so im going to do one if anyone wants me too, just post on this thread if you would like a review.
    08-05-2012 11:52 AM
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    If my X2 wasn't so old and I actually cared about it anymore I'd probably be interested. At this point though, I don't think I can justify spending more than five or ten bucks on a case, which is how much the one I have cost me. It does the trick, and, like I said, I don't really care about my X2 anymore.

    But, if you think you'd have fun with it, then you should go for it. I haven't embedded any images in a post yet, but, if you hit the Insert Image button at the top, you can put in an URL for an image.
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    08-11-2012 09:20 PM
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    Ive had the case for about 2 or so weeks and love it, most people complain of not being able to pull the notification bar down. At first it did but after a cut my finger nails it was no problem to pull it down. Other people say the screen is less responsive with the screen protector that comes built in to the kraken 2, but in my opinion and reading through a few posts they have a stick on protector and the built in on the kraken 2 case imo that's whats wrong is they need to take off the stick on protector. And for some reviews ive read saying that the proximity sensor is covered by the case, basically when you get a call and put the phone to your face and the screen goes off but when you pull it away from your head it stays black and you cant use the phone unless you do a battery pull or the other person hangs up. In my experience i have not had that happen to me *yet knock on wood* Over all i love the case, and in my line of work (auto tech) i have to slide under some cars with creepers,if anyone has done sit ups you know your phone will fall out of your pocket very easily, well with this case you have to almost be 100% upside down and being shaken and it would probably still be in your pocket. I also have not dropped it yet, i like to keep my stuff in good condition i guess, but the case seems to be very solid. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good alternative to the otterbox defender(the only thing that turn me away from the otter box defender is the rubber silicon on the outside of the case would come off when pulling it out of your pocket, if otterbox didnt have that i would have bought on in a heart beat. i tried a friends otterbox defender for a day and i couldn't stand the silicon coming of the case.) That's when i found trident and took a chance, well if i get another phone in the future i would get a trident case for it. I bought mine off amazon for $29, thats a decent price imo. I hope this helped someone in buying a case for there droid x/x2.

    Also there is a camera button on the right side where the droid x has the button but the x2 doesn't, everyone says i have the original x but when i push the button nothing happens. So if i have to get a droid x, if something happens to my x2*knocks on wood*, i can use it for the original droid x.

    Again i hope this helps someone looking at the kraken 2, but there is a case just like the kraken 2 but its called the electra, its the same desine but it comes with a 3200mah battery. That was the case i wanted but the price wasn't right at the time so i got the kraken 2 and love it. If anyone has any questions just pm me and ill try to answer them.
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    08-21-2012 07:22 PM
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    $29 is a good deal for a case, if it's mostly what you wanted. I think you made out well. Thanks for posting that info.
    08-21-2012 08:51 PM
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    I like my case but it seems when I take a picture with the flash, it comes out with a glare to it. I removed the plastic that covers the flash hoping that would help but it didn't. When I take the case off and take a pic with the flash this doesn't happen so I know it has to be with the case. Anyone else have this problem? Or a solution?
    08-31-2012 08:11 AM
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    I just took a picture with my case on and off, while forcing the flash to go off, and, both pictures look identical. What type of case do you have? Is it thick around the camera part? Mine isn't. Maybe it has something to do with that.
    08-31-2012 08:49 AM
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    I have a Kracken Trident case for my Droid x2. its very thick.
    08-31-2012 02:25 PM
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    Gotcha. I wonder if ghostkilla has this problem. Hopefully they'll respond.

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    08-31-2012 02:31 PM
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    I haven't had any issue with the flash on my pictures, but the one thing that is getting on my nerves is between the actual screen of the phone and the plastic screen protector is that little dust and particles that i can feel when i move my finger across and i can see it on a white screen(ie facebook browser or text app). I love the case its great, ive heard of people taking the plastic screen protector off the case and using a zagg screen protector. The only other problem i've had, which really doesn't bother me yet, it eh belt clip. I don't use one,yet, since i am a student and can have a phone be seen. It holds the phone in like its never going to fall out but the belt clip part that clips to your belt seems to not work good with my belt. Other than that i love my case on my X2, but i have been pondering buying the verizon oem case that cover the back of the phone and has a belt clip it just slides into. Just thinking about it.
    10-07-2012 08:54 PM