1. hingadingavike's Avatar
    So I have no games on my phone at all, and only a handful of apps that weren't already on the phone when I got it. According to my phone, I have 3.84GB of available internal storage space and 7.5GB of SD card space, yet I have to constantly delete my apps in order to put new ones on my phone. Regardless of the reason why, every friend I have has an iphone and constantly downloads whatever they desire. I love droids, but I'm sick of this. Is there anyway to fix this? Can you move apps to your SD card...I dont even know why I have one bc none of the space is being used. Please help if you can
    08-17-2012 12:01 AM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    If you have that much free space, I don't understand why that would be an issue.

    Yes, you can move apps to the SD card. Go to Manage Apps, and, select the app you want to move. When you do, it should bring up a screen and there should be a button that says "Move to Media Area." This will move it to the SD card.

    This button will not be accessible for all apps. There is an app called Apps2SD, something like that, that should let you move some of these apps that you can't normally move.
    08-17-2012 08:01 AM